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What Is a Moisture Meter and What Does It Do?

The moisture meter is one of our most important inspection tools in the restoration business. We can answer lots of important questions! We have to ask, How wet are the materials we need to dry? What is considered “dry” in this environment? Where is the water located? At what point will this area be “dry”?

Ways to Winterproof Your Home (and Save Yourself Money!)

Protecting yourself from the cold weather shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Here’s what you need to know to winterproof — or, as some call it, winterize — your home. You can even start saving money too, while we’re at it. Don’t let the snow and the end of daylight saving time get you […]

What Is Delamination and Is It Reparable?

Basically, delamination is when the layers of your carpet separate from each other. If you ignore it or if the carpet has weathered serious water damage, you might just have to replace your flooring.

Why You Should Buy a Dehumidifier

Many homeowners already have a humidifier — especially for dry winters and kids’ bedrooms. But why is it useful to own a dehumidifier too? Let’s talk.

How to Deal with Drywall Water Damage

Flooding can cause many serious problems, and we want to prevent as much structural damage as possible. Drywall water damage is a very common issue. Here’s what we do to stop it, and restore the drywall.

How Do You Get Mold out of Clothing?

Maybe you suspect that your clothes are moldy. And maybe they really have grown some visible mold on them. So, how do you make them wearable again and get that smell out of all your clothing?

Top 7 Home Structural Problems Caused by Water Damage

What’s hiding behind those walls? And what’s hiding in them? Water damage can start out as something you can’t see, even if the area is exposed. Here are the seven most common structural problems we encounter.

Mold Is Everywhere – Here’s What You Can Do to Reduce Its Impact

Mold will only grow worse if you don’t properly handle the situation. What can you do about it? Here are some quick facts you need to know to protect yourself and others.

Mold-Resistant Paint: What You Need to Know

When mold and spores enter your home, there’s a lot at risk. Your health becomes a concern, the structure and floors of your house can deteriorate…and not to mention: your belongings and clothes might even get moldy. How can you be proactive? Do you live in a very humid area? You might be interested in […]