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Air Quality Testing for Mold? Advantages, Disadvantages, and What to Expect

There are several ways to test for mold. Beyond surface sampling, we often use air quality testing — a.k.a. air samples — as well. Mold sampling various areas and sources can help locate the root of the problem or spores of most concern. Here are the two main types of air sample methods and what […]

What Is a Moisture Meter and What Does It Do?

The moisture meter is one of our most important inspection tools in the restoration business. We can answer lots of important questions! We have to ask, How wet are the materials we need to dry? What is considered “dry” in this environment? Where is the water located? At what point will this area be “dry”?

The Real Threat of Flooding

Here at ProCare Restoration, we talk a lot about what to do when your home is flooded, how to prevent floods, and the long-term damage to infrastructure that floods can cause. However, we’d be doing you a great disservice if we didn’t talk about how dangerous floods really are. It’s essential that you take floods […]