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At ProCare Restoration, we understand how frustrating it can be when your home is damaged. Our technicians in Elk Grove Village are happy to assist you with your restoration needs, offering 24/7 emergency services for those in the Elk Grove Village area. It is important to swiftly address any damage that may occur in your home in order to prevent further damage and to protect the safety and health of your family.

Our technicians specialize in:
• Mold Inspection and Remediation (Elk Grove Village)
• Sewage Backup Repair (Elk Grove Village)
• Water Damage Repair (Elk Grove Village)
• Floor Restoration (Elk Grove Village)
• Fire Damage Repair (Elk Grove Village)
• Hardwood Flooring Installation (Elk Grove Village)

Our experience in multiple areas of expertise allows us serve Elk Grove Village as one of the most formidable restoration companies in the area. We utilize our trained restoration technicians for every job, no matter the size, and have created a reputation for being swift, efficient and, most importantly, thorough.

Elk Grove Village Water Damage Repair
Water damage can be upsetting, particularly if your valuable items are destroyed. It is possible for mold growth to begin 48 hours after water damage occurs, so our trained technicians in Elk Grove Village will immediately take action. We utilize extensive drying, water treatment and sanitization methods to reduce the damage to your Elk Grove Village home. This will prevent damage from spreading out of the original area of corner. Working quickly, our Elk Grove technicians address the source of the damage so it doesn’t return in the future.

Elk Grove Village Mold Inspection and Removal
The discovery of mold in your home can be an unpleasant experience. Mold can hide behind the walls without the knowledge of the homeowner, causing allergies and even sickness. Our Elk Grove Village mold inspection technicians will determine if there is mold growth in your home, the cause of the growth, and the safest way to remove it. Our Elk Grove Village mold removal technicians are IICRC Certified, and only utilize products that are EPA registered and OSHA compliant. Your well being is our main concern, so we’ll explain every step of the mold removal process and take precautions for your safety.

Elk Grove Village Sewage Backup Repair
Sewage backup can wreak havoc on a home. Harboring parasites, viruses, fungi and bacteria, sewage backup requires our sewage repair technicians to wear HAZMAT suits to practice safe sewage removal and cleanup. Our Sewage Backup technicians in Elk Grove will remove water, sanitize and treat the area until your home is safe for you and your family. The longer you allow sewage water to sit untreated, the larger amount of damage it will cause to your Elk Grove Village home. This can cause health problems, so treating sewage with the seriousness that it deserves is of the utmost importance for the health and safety of your family.

Elk Grove Village Fire Damage Repair
House fires can be extremely upsetting to a homeowner. Large or small, these fires can turn a beautiful home into an unlivable one, especially if water is used to extinguish the flame. Our fire damage technicians in Elk Grove Village have been rigorously trained, and understand how to remove soot, debris, noxious gasses and smoke safely and efficiently. Due to the delicate and dangerous quality of the materials damaged by fire, only a certified technician should proceed with cleanup of fire damage or assess fire damage in your Elk Grove Village home.

Elk Grove Village Flood Restoration
With unexpected floods come a multitude of problems for Elk Grove Village homeowners, and not all of them revolve around water damage. No matter the flooded area, homeowners often find themselves with mold growth and stagnant water if left unattended. Our Elk Grove Village flood restoration specialists will swiftly remove any standing water from your home so mold is unable to form. They will sanitize your home to restore damaged areas while using dehumidifiers and fans to dry the entire area. Our purpose is to work in the Elk Grove Village area and make your flood restoration as easy as possible, taking the time to seal and protect your home from future damage.

Elk Grove Village Foundation Repair
An unstable foundation is a problem for many homeowners with older homes, especially if routine maintenance has not been done over the years. If your Elk Grove Village home has foundation issues, then there is a viable possibility that you may also have problems with water and mold damage to be addressed. Our specialized Elk Grove Village foundation repair technicians will inspect the foundation and perform any water extraction and mold remediation that is needed before addressing foundation problems. Conscientiously maintaining your foundation is very important importance., particularly in years of high flooding.

We repeatedly work with Elk Grove Village homeowners, providing them with IICRC certified technicians, unbeatable restoration services, 24/7 emergency services and assistance in times of distress. Our mold inspection and removal, sewage backup repair, water damage repair, flood restoration, fire damage repair and foundation repair services have proven to take stress off of the Elk Grove Village homeowner and make home restoration as painless as possible.