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At ProCare Restoration, we are well versed in how upsetting it can be is when damage occurs to your home. Our Des Plaines specialists are prepared to help you with all of your restoration needs, and are readily available 24/7 for emergency services. It is crucial that you quickly and effectively take care of any damage that may occur in your Des Plaines home in order to halt further damage and protect the health and safety of your family.

Our technicians specialize in:
• Mold Inspection and Remediation (Des Plaines)
• Sewage Backup Repair (Des Plaines)
• Water Damage Repair (Des Plaines)
• Floor Restoration (Des Plaines)
• Fire Damage Repair (Des Plaines)
• Hardwood Flooring Installation (Des Plaines)

Our expertise in these specialties allows us to serve Des Plaines as one of the most widely recognized restoration companies in the area. Utilizing our specialized restoration technicians for every job, big or small, we have crafted a reputation for being swift, effective and, most importantly, affordable.

Des Plaines Water Damage Repair
The discovery of water damage in your home can be worrisome, especially if your floors, furniture or other valuables are damaged or destroyed. Mold can begin to grow only 48 hours after water damage has occurred, so our so our water damage repair technicians in Des Plaines will take action immediately. We use water treatment, drying and sanitization methods to fix the damaged areas in your Des Plaines home and to stop damage from spreading out of the initial area. Our professional water damage technicians will be sure to ascertain the cause of water damage so it doesn’t return in the future.

Des Plaines Mold Inspection and Removal
Discovering mold growth in your home is never a pleasant experience. Oftentimes, mold may flourish behind the walls without the knowledge of the homeowner, and in some cases may cause illness in the occupants of the home. Our Des Plaines IICRC certified mold inspection technicians will determine not only if there is mold in your home, but the cause of the mold and the easiest, safest way to remove it. Our Des Plaines mold removal specialists use mold remediation products that are EPA registered and OSHA compliant. Your safety is our biggest concern, so we’ll walk you through every step of the mold removal process.

Des Plaines Sewage Backup Repair
Sewage backup is an unpleasant and hazardous problem for many Des Plaines homeowners. With sewage comes viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, which means that our sewage technicians must wear HAZMAT suits in order to safely proceed with sewage removal and cleanup. Our Sewage Backup specialists in Des Plaines will remove water, sanitize and treat your home until it is safe to be occupied. The greater length of time that you allow sewage water to sit unresolved, the greater amount of damage it can cause to your Des Plaines home. Avoid health problems, and treat sewage with the level of seriousness that it deserves. Call ProCare Restoration today.

Des Plaines Fire Damage Repair
A house fire can be one of the most upsetting things to happen to a homeowner. Large or small, fires can wreak havoc on the appearance and living conditions of a home – especially if water was utilized in order extinguish the flame. Our Fire Damage specialists in Des Plaines have been trained extensively, and know how to remove soot, debris, gasses and smoke quickly and safely. Due to the hazardous quality of the materials damaged by fire, only a trained fire damage specialist should assess fire damage or proceed with fire damage cleanup in your Des Plaines home.

Des Plaines Flood Restoration
Floods strike unexpectedly, and they can create many problems for Des Plaines homeowners. Whether the flood is in the basement or on the main floor, homeowners frequently find themselves with unexpected mold growth and dirty (or even toxic) stagnant water. Our Flood Restoration specialists in Des Plaines will swiftly begin removing water from your home so mold isn’t able to form. They will then sanitize your home, making sure to prevent further flood damage while using fans and dehumidifiers to remove remaining water. Once all the water has been removed, we will use a protectant and sealant to protect your home from further damage. We hope that our work in the Des Plaines area will make flood restoration painless and uncomplicated.

Des Plaines Foundation Repair
An unstable foundation can cause a multitude of problems for a Des Plaines homeowner, and not all of them involve the structure of the home. If your Des Plaines home has foundation issues, then there is a possibility that you may also have issues with water damage and mold growth that need to be addressed. Our expertly trained Des Plaines foundation repair technicians will assess the damage and perform any necessary water damage repair and mold remediation prior to fixing any foundation issues to ensure that the problem does not return. Des Plaines flooding has seen a great deal of flooding this year, so it is important to carefully maintain the condition of your foundation.

We focus on working with homeowners in Des Plaines to make sure that our IICRC certified technicians provide them unbeatable restoration services, 24/7 emergency services and a solution to devastating damage. Our mold inspection and removal, sewage backup repair, water damage repair, flood restoration, fire damage and foundation repair services are carefully constructed to take stress off of the Des Plaines homeowner and make home restoration simple