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We at ProCare Restoration know how distressing damages to your home can be. Our specialized technicians in Niles are looking forward to aiding you in achieving all of your restoration objectives as promptly and painlessly as possible. We offer emergency services 24/7 for those in the Niles area in order to quickly fix any home damages. Our primary goals are to provide fairly priced services, protect against future problems, and cultivate your family’s safety and health.

Our technicians specialize in:
• Mold Inspection and Remediation (Niles)
• Sewage Backup Repair (Niles)
• Water Damage Repair (Niles)
• Floor Restoration (Niles)
• Fire Damage Repair (Niles)
• Hardwood Flooring Installation (Niles)

Our premier team of specialized, highly-trained restoration technicians is what keeps us in the upper echelon of restoration resources in and around Niles. Our specialists are among the most knowledgeable, personable, and efficient in the Chicagoland area, and we are known for being prompt, effective, and, most significantly, affordable.

Niles Water Damage Repair
Your home’s carpet, furniture, and basic structure are most prone to the mold that can develop within 48 hours after water damage happens. Our water damage repair specialists in Niles aim to begin your home restoration as soon as they can. We control lasting damage to your home in Niles by treating any water and drying and sanitizing the affected areas. Our water damage technicians also determine the source of the water damage to ensure that it cannot return, therefore making your home as near to water-resistant as it can get.

Niles Mold Inspection and Removal
You wouldn’t eat moldy food, so why would you live in a moldy house? Mold can grow in a smattering of places throughout your home before you can even identify it. Our mold inspection technicians in Niles will determine not only the presence of mold but also its source and the best way to remove it. Our Niles mold specialists are IICRC Certified and use EPA-registered and OSHA-compliant materials to destroy mold in your home. Your safety is our aim. We’ll teach you how to identify mold, understand the removal process, and therefore better protect your family in the future.

Niles Sewage Backup Repair
Sewage backup is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. Even our specialized sewage repair technicians in Niles wear HAZMAT suits to remove the sewage safely and control the growth of fungi, viruses, parasites, and bacteria that sewage can promote. Our Niles sewage backup specialists will destroy the sewage and determine its source, and then extensively cleanse your home until it is safer than it was prior to the sewage situation. Neglecting the need to address sewage backup can lead to recurring health conditions, so treat your sewage backup issue seriously, and call ProCare Restoration today.

Niles Fire Damage Repair
House fires are dangerous not only when your home is ablaze, but also after the flames have been doused. Our highly trained fire damage specialists in Niles will remove debris, soot, smoke, and hazardous gases safely and quickly to limit the potential for any lasting fire damage to your home and to your body. Due to the unstable nature of fire-damaged materials, only a specialist trained to solve fire damage issues should clean or assess fire damage in your Niles home. Let our Niles fire restoration specialists repair your home while you take care of your family and yourself.

Niles Flood Restoration
Any Niles homeowner would describe a flood as less-than-ideal. One reason for this is the fact that mold will grow in any part of the home if a flood is not quickly addressed. Our Niles flood restoration technicians will promptly remove any water from your home, thus ensuring that mold cannot develop. Our technicians will cleanse the flooded areas of your home and minimize potential lasting damage by using fans and dehumidifiers to dry what previously was sodden. We aim to restore your home to its pre-flood status or better, so we take measures to seal and guard your home against any future damage.

Niles Foundation Repair
A weak or cracked foundation can signify other problems in your home. If your Niles home has foundation issues, water and mold damage may be at the root. Our Niles foundation repair specialists will evaluate the foundation’s condition, destroy any existing mold, and repair any water damage before identifying foundation problems. We want to assist you in preventing subsequent problems that could arise. Niles has had significant flooding in past years, so it’s important to prioritize the care of your home’s foundation.

In joint effort with homeowners in Niles, our specialized IICRC-certified technicians supply superior repair, round-the-clock emergency services, and reassurance during complicated times. Our mold inspection and removal, sewage backup repair, flood/water damage restoration, fire damage repair, and foundation repair services are purposely designed to reduce the Niles homeowner’s anxiety and restore your home to the best it can be.