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Home damages can be a real confidence killer for any homeowner. We at ProCare Restoration understand how anxiety-inducing restorations can be. Our highly trained special technicians in Rolling Meadows want to make the repairs and restore your house to a home. We offer emergency services at all hours of the day for Rolling Meadows homeowners so we can deal with your damages promptly. Our top goals are fairly priced services, protection against future damages, and health and safety for your family.

Our technicians specialize in:
• Mold Inspection and Remediation (Rolling Meadows)
• Sewage Backup Repair (Rolling Meadows)
• Water Damage Repair (Rolling Meadows)
• Floor Restoration (Rolling Meadows)
• Fire Damage Repair (Rolling Meadows)
• Hardwood Flooring Installation (Rolling Meadows)

Our team of specially trained restoration technicians cultivate our reputation as the number-one restoration company in Rolling Meadows. Our technicians are the most well-informed, effective, and results-oriented in the Chicago area, and the community knows us for being quick, efficient, and, most importantly, affordable.

Rolling Meadows Water Damage Repair
You can’t fi water damage just by drying the area. Mold begins to develop within 48 hours of water damage. Our specially trained Rolling Meadows technicians want to treat your home damages as soon as possible. We minimize possible issues in your Rolling Meadows home by evaluating any present water damage, drying, and sanitizing impacted areas. Our water damage specialists also determine the cause of the water damage to ensure that it will never return. We aim to provide the fullest protection for you, your family, and your home.

Rolling Meadows Mold Inspection and Removal
Mold doesn’t ask your permission before moving into your home. Our specially trained mold inspection technicians in Rolling Meadows will pinpoint not only the presence of mold but also its origin and the optimal method of removal. Our Rolling Meadows specialists are IICRC Certified and use EPA-registered and OSHA-compliant resources to destroy mold in your home. Your safety is our goal. We’ll teach you the basics of mold identification and elimination processes so you can better protect your family and home going forward.

Rolling Meadows Sewage Backup Repair
Our sewage repair specialists in Rolling Meadows sport HAZMAT suits to address your sewage backup disaster head-on, safely eliminate the sewage, and limit the growth of parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi that often thrive in sewage. Our highly trained sewage backup specialists in Rolling Meadows will get rid of the sewage and identify its source and then thoroughly clean your home to ensure its safety. Neglecting a sewage backup problem begs for complicated health problems in the future, so treat with your sewage backup issue with the seriousness it deserves, and call ProCare Restoration today.

Rolling Meadows Fire Damage Repair
Fire issues remain long after the last flame has been doused. Our fire damage technicians in Rolling Meadows eliminate smoke, debris, soot, and hazardous gases promptly and effectively in order to control any possible damage that could further injure your home or your family. Due to the precarious nature of fire-damaged resources, only a highly trained fire damage technician should analyze or treat fire damage in your Rolling Meadows home. Let our fire restoration specialists in Rolling Meadows treat your home while you provide your family with a sense of security.

Rolling Meadows Flood Restoration
Mold and water are a match made in home damage heaven. Our highly trained flood restoration technicians in Rolling Meadows will get rid of any remaining flood water in your home as quickly as possible, thereby limiting the possibility of mold growth. Our specialists will clean the flooded areas of your home and utilize fans and dehumidifiers to air out what the flood destroyed, thereby limiting any potential lasting issues. We want to restore your home to its pre-flood prestige or better, so we seal and guard your home against future injury.

Rolling Meadows Foundation Repair
Don’t conflate the symptom and the cause – if your home in Rolling Meadows has a foundation situation, water damage and mold could be the cause. Our foundation repair specialists in Rolling Meadows will identify the foundation’s present problem, treat any mold, and address any water damage prior to fixing possible foundation issues. We want to help you eliminate any other problematic situations that could arise. Rolling Meadows has suffered significant flooding recently, so it’s important for you to address your home’s potential foundation issues head-on.

In collaborative effort with Rolling Meadows homeowners, our specially trained IICRC-certified technicians provide peerless repair, emergency services around the clock, and security throughout stressful times. Our mold inspection and removal, sewage backup repair, flood/water damage restoration, fire damage repair, and foundation repair services are intentionally cultivated to reduce the Rolling Meadows homeowner’s stressors and make your house its best home.