Does Humid Weather Cause Mold Growth?

As we enter what will eventually be a hot, humid Chicago summer, it’s time to start thinking about how the weather can affect your home. It’s common knowledge that water encourages mold growth, so we all know that you have to be aware of any way water can get into your home. But can humid weather cause mold too?

Are mold growth and humid weather related?

Yes! Humidity means the air has extra moisture in it. Even though you might think that humidity outside doesn’t have any effect on your house, it can. The humidity can get into your home from the outside through any small holes or areas not properly sealed. It can get into your attic, behind your siding, and into your basement. So the answer to “does humid weather cause mold growth” is yes, it can.

If the humidity levels in your home rise as well, you’re susceptible to mold growth. The water in the air can get into holes, underneath carpet, in walls, and more, where it will collect and become mold.

How does humid weather cause mold?

Have you ever removed a bottle of water from a cold refrigerator on a warm day? Within minutes, you’ll see tiny condensation droplets forming on the outside of the bottle. This happens because of the heat from the outside connecting with the cold bottle.

Similarly, when the hot humid air from the outside gets in your cool, air conditioned home, the moisture in the air will become condensation. Get enough condensation in one place without removal, and mold will start to grow.

What about Chicago humidity?

So we know that humid weather in general can cause mold growth, but can Chicago’s humid weather cause mold growth? Yes! This weekend we’re supposed to be seeing Chicago humidity levels around 70 – 80%! Since the humidity level in your home should be between 30 – 50%, this weekend you’ll want to keep an eye on your home’s humidity level to make sure you don’t have excess moisture in your home.

Chicago humidity is just beginning, and this summer will bring plenty of hot, humid days. You’ll want to keep your home’s humidity level steady throughout the course of the summer to prevent mold growth as much as possible.

What if I think there might be mold in my home?

If you suspect there could be mold in your home, the first thing you should do is have a professional come out to perform a mold inspection. You can’t tell the extents of the mold damage on your own, and you never want to accidentally underestimate how much mold you have.

If you have mold in your home, ProCare Restoration can help you get rid of it. We will identify the cause of mold as well, so we can tell you if the humid weather caused mold and how you can prevent future issues. Contact us to schedule an appointment for as soon as tomorrow!

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