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Does Humid Weather Cause Mold Growth?

As we enter what will eventually be a hot, humid Chicago summer, it’s time to start thinking about how the weather can affect your home. It’s common knowledge that water encourages mold growth, so we all know that you have to be aware of any way water can get into your home. But can humid […]

Should You Remediate Mold or Sanitize?

There’s a lot of confusion around the differences between whether you should remediate mold or use mold sanitation. And we understand why–many times people use the terms interchangeably, even though they have different meanings. But which one is more effective and will help you get rid of mold for good? It actually depends on a […]

Preventing Extreme Cold Damage in Your Home

The Chicago area is facing record-breaking cold this week. As the temperatures drop and wind chill rises, it’s important to know how to protect your home from damage. The extreme cold can cause several problems in your home, like burst pipes and flooded basements. The best way to prevent this is to be prepared ahead […]

The First 24 Hours: Saving Your Wood Floors From Flood Damage

We’ve experienced quite a bit of rain throughout Chicago, and it was more than our usual downpour. If you have hardwood floors, you’re well aware that this type of flooding is a living nightmare. Depending on the situation, a professional mitigation company may be preoccupied with other clients and cannot respond in a timely manner. […]

Your Essential Toolbox: The 8 Tools Everyone Should Have on Hand

While there’s little more satisfying than the sound of a great power-drill, it’s certainly not one of our tools for the “desert island” scenario. We’ve distilled our picks to the absolute essentials. So these are our top eight must-haves for every Chicago homeowner or DIY-er. We urge our customers to be proactive about protecting their […]

10 Home Hacks That Make Maintenance Easy

Ever since we founded ProCare Restoration we have been in the business of prevention. With the high potential for water damage and mold growth in the Chicago area (those two unsavory problems comprising the bulk of our work!) we want homeowners to understand that a little prevention saves you so much in possible reaction. Home hacks […]

Proactive Tips for Preventing Water Damage at Home

The cost of water damage repair and restoration can vary widely, but a little effort now can prevent or ease the worst of it. We have more information about that here. Unless you’re hit with a natural disaster, these are our proactive tips for protecting your property from water damage.

Air Quality Testing for Mold? Advantages, Disadvantages, and What to Expect

There are several ways to test for mold. Beyond surface sampling, we often use air quality testing — a.k.a. air samples — as well. Mold sampling various areas and sources can help locate the root of the problem or spores of most concern. Here are the two main types of air sample methods and what […]

Let’s Talk About That Moldy Shower Curtain in Your Bathroom

At ProCare Restoration, we hear from customers about mold in the bathroom more than anywhere else. While mold that appears (or that you suspect exists) on surfaces and materials like wood, tile, and near your utilities should be dealt with by a professional mold removal Chicago company, the moldy shower curtain is a slightly lesser […]

Protecting Yourself and Your Home Against Flooding

Finding comprehensive Chicago flood cleanup services is a stressful process. You often have to work extensively with insurance companies to complete your water damage restoration and water damage removal — and it can feel like they’re fighting with you every step of the way. Let’s simplify things a little. Although you can’t prevent flooding, you can take […]