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Mold Can Infest Your Body

Have you ever had a sinus infection? Well studies have shown that there’s a 90% chance that your infection was caused by mold. Yes, mold can even enter your body and make itself at home there. This adds a whole new level of fear upon finding mold in your home.

So You Had Your Mold Remediated. Now What?

If you just had your mold remediated, your first instinct may be to throw a party. We strongly encourage following that instinct. However, we also recommend some additional actions, post-remediation, in order to ensure that mold doesn’t infest your home again. Mold is as strong as it is stubborn, so don’t make the mistake of […]

Why Mold Resistant Paint Is A Sham

When wandering around home improvement stores or clicking through mold removal techniques online, you may have come across something called “mold resistant paint.” Advertisers claim that this paint can both kill and prevent mold on your walls and this is simply not true. Here’s why.

Why Choose Hardwood Floors

Why choose hardwood floors? Our technicians at ProCare Restoration aren’t just pros at removing mold, getting rid of floodwater, and repairing foundations. They’re also flooring experts. That’s why they recommend installing hardwood flooring in your home over any other type of flooring. The reasons why are simple.

4 Things To Do After A Pipe Bursts

With the recent cold front, it seems like we’re going to have a cold Chicago winter after all! That means icy sidewalks, heavy snowfall, and worst of all: bursting pipes. So what do you do if this happens to you? Well there are some steps you should take right away, before even calling a professional, […]

Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke

Honestly, Billy Joel, it doesn’t matter who started the fire. What matters is 1) ensuring everyone’s immediate safety, and 2) cleaning up after the incident. The blaze in itself proves problematic, certainly, but it also leaves behind soot, debris, hazardous gases, and water damage – depending on the fire, you could have a rocky (or […]