The First 24 Hours: Saving Your Wood Floors From Flood Damage

We’ve experienced quite a bit of rain throughout Chicago, and it was more than our usual downpour. If you have hardwood floors, you’re well aware that this type of flooding is a living nightmare. Depending on the situation, a professional mitigation company may be preoccupied with other clients and cannot respond in a timely manner.  But when water seeps into your home, those first 24 hours are vital. Here’s how to navigate the situation.

STEP 1: Locate the Water Source

A no-brainer, we know, but critical. Start by locating the source of the flood; it’s counter productive to get rid of the water when a substantial amount is continuing to make its way inside. Once you’ve pin pointed the problem, fix it.

STEP 2: Remove Wet Items

You’ll want to clear the room of all wet items and place them in a dry, sunny space. This may require you to lay down plastic or – if it’s not raining – place furniture out in the sun.

STEP 3: Use Your Wet Vacuum

If you have a wet vacuum on hand, then start those engines. Even when you’re unable to see water keep trucking, it’s often embedded in the wood’s pores which will contribute to warping and damage.

STEP 4: Dehumidify

Place a dehumidifier in the room to help remove anymore unwanted moisture. Keep this running for at least 24 hours and try to minimize foot traffic in the general vicinity where flooding occurred. To speed up the drying process, add fans to the space as well.

DO NOT use heat. Typically, this has the opposite effect and causes splitting of the wood.

Step 5: Call ProCare Restoration

You’ll still want to reach out for professional services, and we’re here and ready to take on your home restoration project!

Are you a victim of flooding?

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