Protecting Yourself and Your Home Against Flooding

Finding comprehensive Chicago flood cleanup services is a stressful process. You often have to work extensively with insurance companies to complete your water damage restoration and water damage removal — and it can feel like they’re fighting with you every step of the way. Let’s simplify things a little. Although you can’t prevent flooding, you can take preventive action to make life easier should it ever happen to you.

call procare restoration, apartment has moldLimit the reach of possible water damage

Regular home maintenance can save you a lot of trouble should something ever go wrong. We recommend routinely checking seals and grouting everywhere in your house — and particularly at windows, doors, joints, and baseboards. Are there cracks in the floors? Aging seals? Has any of the architecture begun to ‘rot’ or decay? Learn what your insurance does and does not cover, and take personal proactive measures to thwart the worst.

If you take the time to inspect your home a couple times per year (or hire a professional to do so), you may discover other critical areas of concern. And it’s always better to know what you’re working with than to stay in the dark. Think of this like periodically checking your skin’s moles for changes in color, shape, or size. Wouldn’t you want to take care of that problem as soon as you notice it?

Know what your property is worth

You should take photographs of everything you own, especially property that stays in more vulnerable parts of the home (like the basement). An inventory on hand will make the insurance process considerably easier! And while you might not be able to repair that vintage upholstered chair, you’ll be cut a check for its estimated value, and that money can be put toward the water damage restoration and property replacement process.

air quality test

Consider us for your Chicago flood cleanup

We are here for you 24/7, especially as spring and summer rains begin to hit us in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs more often. Find us on Facebook to stay in touch!

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