Chicago Water Damage Everywhere

Water damage can be complicated. It looks like you should be able to clean up the mess and be done with it, but this problem is not so simply solved. Chicago water damage can leave lasting injuries to your home long after the dampness has dried.

Because water is a liquid, it penetrates into structural nooks and crannies, thereby creating trapped moisture pockets. In these areas of your home, water can only be detected with technologically advanced moisture meters. Unseen moisture and unsolved Chicago water damage problems will continue to cause harm – from odors to shrinkage to mold to mildew to weakened structural integrity. At this point, repairs can start getting expensive… much more expensive than they would have been had the water damage been detected earlier.

High-voltage fans and powerful Shopvacs can help initially, but ProCare Restoration’s IICRC-certified technicians have the education and equipment to dry a home, apartment, or office building properly and much more thoroughly than the average homeowner could on his own. This is why it is important for you – and ProCare – to act quickly to prevent the development of mold and other potential health issues that could result from Chicago water damage.

Water damage can additionally injure your flooring, furniture, and possessions – all of which can also harbor mold growth and structural damage. Even after taking care of the water damage your home has suffered, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect, disinfect, or throw out other water damaged items.

Above all, it’s important to remember that the mold resulting from water damage isn’t just a cosmetic problem – it could spread and damage the structure of your home. Even worse, mold could aggravate environmental allergies, or, in the case of toxic black mold, release mycotoxins and make you and your family very sick. You certainly want to deal with water damage while it’s water damage – before it becomes mold damage.

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