Keep Your Home Clean for Health & Safety Throughout the Year

We certainly entertained a long summer of flash floods and heat in Chicago IL this year. That light water damage? The soft spots in the walls or ceilings? You need to keep an eye on these areas and consider calling a professional at ProCare Restoration to take a look. We can often complete mold removal and/or mold remediation without harming the foundations of your home. It’s just a matter of catching things early.

Summer warmth and moisture promote the spread of mold

More likely than not, mold spores or small amounts of mold already live in your room. While this isn’t necessarily very dangerous, you do need to control it. It exists even where you can’t see it. That’s why we employ specific tools and methods to gauge the levels of excess moisture, bacteria, and other causes for concern.

mold removal mold remediation chicago il before afterNow that winter is here — and you’re likely to be spending more time at home — your property should feel safe, clean, and comfortable. There are steps you can take on your own to maintain the space for winter. Taking precautionary steps can also help you cut down on costs down the road and save on your utilities bills.

Keep your home clean and well-maintained for your health and safety throughout the year

But if damage has already been done, you will probably need to contact a professional. You take a risk when you ignore a potential issue like water damage or foundation damage in your Chicago IL home.

attic mold is worse in the summer

Mold removal and mold remediation available in Chicago IL & Chicagoland suburbs

Don’t hesitate to contact us at ProCare Restoration for a mold inspection today. Any cost to the assessment will be applied against your final mold remediation or mold removal balance, so the service is ultimately free! Head on over to our page of “before & after” mold remediation and mold removal shots to see what we might be able to do for you.

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