Bathroom Mold Remediation – Why You Shouldn’t DIY on This One

You know there are many ways to prevent mold. But sometimes, you just can’t. Here’s why you shouldn’t turn that bathroom mold removal into a DIY project.

We can take steps to prevent mold in just about every area of the house. We’ve tips in the past on keeping your bathroom clean and on keeping mold from growing in your bathroom, too. At a minimum, we highly recommend that you give the space as much air as possible (turn on the fan during showers, keeping open the door and windows) and clean the whole room on a diligently followed schedule.

black mold, procare restorationBathroom mold grows when (and where) you’re not cleaning.

Sure, you Windex your mirrors and keep your towels clean. But how often are you scrubbing the tub? Are you getting between the tiles and into the grout? Grout is almost always white when it’s laid in; grout should stay white. As soon as it starts to become grey or even brown, you’ve let it go too long. Are you letting the bathroom be dry for at least as long as it’s wet? Are your exhaust fans operating properly? Is anything leaking? Mold loves bathrooms.

Chances are: If you can’t clean it correctly, you can’t DIY that mold removal correctly either.

If it sounds like tough love, it is. We don’t want you to take these matters into your own hands when it’s ultimately your personal health and safety on the line. We must spare no mold spores! You want to take swift and deliberate (and professional) action. “It’s just a little bit” can quickly turn into a serious concern, or even a case of black mold that spreads. We carry professional equipment like moisture meters to test the wetness and dryness. Even if some mold is already visible, it’s quite possibly already growing in other areas too. Our mold inspection experts know the signs and symptoms of mold, and the best ways to curb that bathroom mold — and remove that bathroom mold ASAP.

Are you in the Chicago area or the Chicago suburbs and seeking bathroom mold remediation services?

We’re here to help, and we can almost always come out to inspect and offer your free remediation estimate next-day. Don’t take the risk with this. Let’s stay in touch.

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