How To Prevent Bathroom Mold

It’s critical to prevent bathroom mold from forming in your house. Without a proper plan in place, you can tend to neglect areas of your home that need the most attention. This is definitely the case that we see happen when people fail to prevent bathroom mold from getting out of control.

If this does happen, we urge you to call ProCare Restoration for our mold remediation services. Rated number one in the Chicagoland area on Thumbtack, we promise to help completely rid your home of any harmful mold. However, we try to help people prevent this need from ever happening.

In order to do so, we created some helpful tips to prevent bathroom mold and maintain a cleanly household. It would be great if we knew people were heeding our advice instead of letting the problem get too far gone. Regardless, we just want to give people the chance to remedy the problem before it ever happens.

Here’s ways to prevent bathroom mold

-Whenever you shower or take a bath, be sure to turn on your bathroom fan. This will alleviate and remove any condensation or moisture left in the air. Also, make sure you leave the fan on for a few minutes after you’ve taken a shower or bath. This will completely remove all of the damp air.

-Purchase mildew-resistant shower curtains. This is a simple but extremely important way to prevent bathroom mold. If you do happen to start to see mold or mildew growing on the shower curtain, replace it or wash it thoroughly.

-Keep your humidity levels low throughout the household, in particular the bathroom. While this is not a huge concern during the winter, it is definitely a problem during the summer. As temperatures rise, you have to be careful that your humidity levels don’t rise with it.

-Similar to shower curtains, you have to make sure your bathroom rugs as constantly being washed and cleaned. This is a common place for bathroom mold to hide under.

-Constantly clean! This is an obvious one, but you have to be diligent and frequent with your bathroom cleaning routine. From scrubbing the bathtub, to checking under the sink for leaks, proper bathroom cleaning will definitely help prevent bathroom mold.

If you find that your bathroom has gotten to the point where these tips don’t help, make sure to call ProCare Restoration. We’ll quickly and efficiently take care of your mold problems at an affordable price.

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