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How To Prevent Bathroom Mold

It’s critical to prevent bathroom mold from forming in your house. Without a proper plan in place, you can tend to neglect areas of your home that need the most attention. This is definitely the case that we see happen when people fail to prevent bathroom mold from getting out of control.

Why We’re Awarded the Most in Mold Removal and Inspection

Why are we? Just google Procare Restoration and you’ll notice nothing but high ratings and glowing reviews about our mold removal and inspection. Whether it’s mold in the attic or basement, ProCare has you covered. On accredited sites like Thumbtack, where the reviews have to be from verified customers that use our services, we’re rated […]

How Exhaust Fans Prevent Bathroom Mold

It’s common knowledge that bathrooms are a hotspot for mold growth. Many of our customers here at ProCare Restoration come to us looking for mold inspections or mold remediations in their homes’ bathrooms. That’s why we wanted to write about the link between exhaust fans and bathroom mold to help our customers understand why and […]

Why Your Seasonal Allergies May Be Mold Related

If you get the sniffles every time the weather warms up, you’re probably dealing with seasonal allergies. But do you ever stop to think what it is that you’re allergic to exactly? The answer may surprise you. Here’s why your seasonal allergies may be mold related.

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Mold-Free

At ProCare Restoration, we know that mold prevention is much easier (and cheaper) than mold remediation. However, it can be tricky in areas that are more susceptible to mold growth, like bathrooms. That’s why we gave some thought to how we can advise you on how to keep your bathroom mold free. Here’s what we […]

5 Steps to Take If Your Apartment Has Mold

A lot of customers call into ProCare Restoration asking what they, as renters, can do about their mold problem. This can be a tricky issue, depending on who your landlord is, where you’re located, and what your relationship with your building’s management is like. So we’re going to lay it out for you in a […]

Is Invisible Mold Infesting Your Home?

Mold is typically thought of as a visible problem. But what happens when there’s mold or mold spores that you can’t see? Just because there isn’t any visible danger doesn’t mean that you and your home aren’t at risk!

Mold Loves Bathrooms

A significant number of our clients worry about mold growth in their bathrooms, and their fears are not unfounded. In addition to attics and basements, restrooms are most prime for growing mold. Big or small, a moisture situation is going to lead to a mold situation – and bathrooms and moisture problems go together like peas […]