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Mold Is Everywhere – Here’s What You Can Do to Reduce Its Impact

Mold will only grow worse if you don’t properly handle the situation. What can you do about it? Here are some quick facts you need to know to protect yourself and others.

Is Invisible Mold Infesting Your Home?

Mold is typically thought of as a visible problem. But what happens when there’s mold or mold spores that you can’t see? Just because there isn’t any visible danger doesn’t mean that you and your home aren’t at risk!

Beatrix Potter and the History of Mold

Ninety-five years ago, congress ratified the 20th amendment and gave women nationwide the right to vote. The White House declared August 26 “Women’s Equality Day” in commemoration, and we at Free Mold Check didn’t feel we could pass up the opportunity to celebrate women (and mold) to commemorate such an important marker in this ongoing […]