Mold Is Everywhere – Here’s What You Can Do to Reduce Its Impact

Mold will only grow worse if you don’t properly handle the situation. What can you do about it? Here are some quick facts you need to know to protect yourself and others.

black mold removal remediation protect family risks procare restoration We are united in our stand against mold!

Mold removal and remediation is a team effort. Moisture is our true common enemy. If we can mitigate moisture and its effects on your property, then we can significantly reduce the chances of mold growth. You, as homeowner or property manager, need to actively maintain the space. This requires regular mold inspection and, often, dehumidification. We’re here for you if you aren’t sure how to examine the space, and we’re here for you if there does turn out to be a problem. We can run tests. We can remove the mold. And we can get your place dry! …You just have to take the necessary precautions.

Fungus is already everywhere.

Not to worry you too much, but did you know that there is bacteria and fungus on your body right now? A whole lot of it, actually. So it’s highly likely that your home already does, too. This is the first stage of mold growth. So, if your home floods or receives a sudden influx of moisture? Bad water damage? That needs to be taken care of ASAP.

Even “dead” mold is a potential hazard.

It’s no secret that some people are allergic to mold, must, and mites. These spread allergens and hold on to environmental toxins. But did you know that even “dead” fungus and mold is still a potential pathogen?

“Antibacterial” products can only do so much. Spraying a deodorizer or putting up some mold resistant paint won’t finish the job, and neither will dehumidification alone. You need to remove the mold at the source, and continue your active maintenance of your home or property.

Protect yourself. Prevent the dangers of mold.

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