Mold-Resistant Paint: What You Need to Know

When mold and spores enter your home, there’s a lot at risk. Your health becomes a concern, the structure and floors of your house can deteriorate…and not to mention: your belongings and clothes might even get moldy. How can you be proactive? Do you live in a very humid area? You might be interested in mold resistant paint (also called “anti mold paint”).

We’ve talked about these paints before. Painting over mold will not help you, but specific mold-resistant paint does contain antimicrobial properties to try to fight the mold and spores before they arrive.

But does mold resistant paint actually work?

basement mold resistant paint black mold

The answer is tricky. In short: sort of. There are a few basic guidelines we can recommend — as mold remediation and removal experts — if you’re taking this into your own hands.

Make sure the area is 100% free of mold already.

Whether you’ve lived in this home for thirty years or just moved in, a free mold assessment never hurt. Unless you’re an authority on mold, you need a professional to stop by. Painting over existing mold can often just make things worse. (Plus, it can’t actually kill any mold on its own.)

Choose the area carefully.

Even though home improvement and restoration technology is constantly improving, it isn’t always pretty. The best spot for a coat of mold resistant paint is probably somewhere no visitor will see it — it probably won’t match your design scheme. Fortunately, these spots are also the usual culprits for mold growth, anyway. Think of the basement, the crawl space, under the stairs, and all the other nooks and crannies around your house.

This is not a guarantee!

We do not typically recommend these products to our customers and clients. We don’t think they help long-term, especially if your home is already susceptible to mold growth. (If you live in a humid area, or keep temperatures high indoors.) Remember: these are still paints. They will flake and peel just like any other.

The best and easiest solutions are dehumidification, professional help, and ongoing home maintenance.

Let us know how we can help you, and we’ll be there.

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