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Mold-Resistant Paint: What You Need to Know

When mold and spores enter your home, there’s a lot at risk. Your health becomes a concern, the structure and floors of your house can deteriorate…and not to mention: your belongings and clothes might even get moldy. How can you be proactive? Do you live in a very humid area? You might be interested in […]

4 Ways to Prevent Foundation Issues

Prevent foundation issues with these easy tips. You may feel like the state of your home’s foundation is entirely dependent on environmental factors, but it’s not. There are several measures you can take to protect your foundation and retain your home’s structural integrity.

5 Foundation Facts You Need to Know

If your home is experiencing foundation issues, you probably have a lot of questions. We at ProCare Restoration have decades of experience in foundation repair and we hear a lot of misconceptions and questions about foundation. Based on our extensive knowledge, here is what you need to know about foundation.