How to Avoid Sewer Backup

Flooding in your home can cause serious damage. Before you know it, flooding can create standing water in your home. More often than not, this standing water is actually sewer backup. Surprisingly, people are unaware of what exactly the water is and therefore don’t know how to avoid sewer backup.

However, this sewage water is extremely dangerous and needs to be taken care of immediately. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t hesitate to call ProCare Restoration for a swift and thorough clean up. We never want to see anyone go through this kind of situation, but we make sure that we try our best to help your home return to its original normalcy.

Even though we’re more than happy to help in this situation, we want everyone to try and avoid sewer backup. That’s why we’ve created some helpful tips to prevent this damage from ever happening.

Here are some ways to avoid sewer backup

Floor Drain Plug

Installing a one way drain plug is a simple and effective way to avoid sewer backup. The plugs can be installed underneath drain grates that help combat water bubbling up to the surface from overloaded sewers.The float in the drain plug will return to normal once the sewer returns to normal level. This is a cost effective measure to to in order to avoid sewer backup.


A standpipe is essentially a vertical pipe inserted into a floor drain. If you install a standpipe, you must ensure that it is sealed watertight, otherwise it defeats the purpose of having one. The way a standpipe works is that any excess water that should go out onto the floor instead goes into the pipe.

Overhead Sewer

While more expensive and more work to install, an overhead sewer is your best bet when trying to avoid sewer backup. The key importance of an overhead sewer is that it pumps sewage above the basement or flood level. This allows the sewer backup to flow by gravity to the sewer service line.

While some of these solutions may seem like a bit much, you have to think about the consequences of not doing anything. In order to avoid sewer backup you have to invest in your home. This gives you greater peace of mind and also more protection.

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