Looking for Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation in the Chicago Area?

We’re here for you. It’s difficult to locate the reputable mold remediation Chicago services. Find out what our customers have had to say about us! (And, while you’re here, check out what our real results look like.)

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mold remediation chicago before and after mold removalMold can live a long and fruitful life inside your home. If you aren’t checking for it regularly — and checking the moisture and humidity — in your home, you’re setting yourself up for trouble (and expensive treatments) down the road.

Yanko, one recent satisfied customer, says:

Great company, very professional and reasonable pricing. It’s hard to trust someone with mold issues so I did my research and I’m very happy with the professional job that Procare did and with the friendly staff.

Look no further for your mold inspection Chicago professional.

Manny says:

Got my home tested for mold and was all in the clear! Their inspector was really professional and honest. I would hire them again in the future!

John says:

Responded quickly and gave my family peace of mind. Each technician was professional and very knowledgeable about mold removal.

Thao says:

Procare Restoration helped remove black mold in my attic. They responded quickly and took care of our home. Very easy to work with and honest!

Maria says:

I needed a professional company to remove black mold in my attic before selling my home. The buyers were happy and hiring procare restoration made the process much easier.

Black mold photos or black mold petri dish pictures on the Internet might have you scared and stressed. Stop your Googling (and worrying), and give us a call. We’ll schedule your mold testing or free mold inspection ASAP, so you too can finally achieve that peace of mind.

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