Spring Cleaning Checklist: The Let’s-Prevent-Mold Edition

With only a few weeks left of winter, we’ve got spring cleaning on the brain. Spring brings new life to the earth. So why not your home, too? Let’s start fresh! Here’s your checklist for making the most of the job where it really counts: mold prevention on the home front.
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Spring cleaning — it’s what’s on the inside that matters most.

The kitchen is the easiest place to begin. We want to dust, mop, deep clean: the works. Get rid of any expired or old foods, and wipe down and sanitize all surfaces of the refrigerator. Sanitize all cupboards and counters, every nook and cranny. While you’re here? Dry it, too. Moisture left on surfaces (especially if you have wood cupboards!) may foster mold, especially with the coming rise in humidity.

black mold bathroom mold removal remediation chicago diyYour bathroom draws the short stick. No one enjoys cleaning in there. Eliminate whatever clutter or empties you can, to start. You don’t want to be using products that have been left to sit in water or mildew. Scrub the toilet, tub, and the walls to the shower. If you can, replace your shower curtain; if you can’t replace it, sanitize and wash it thoroughly. Mold grows quickly in the folds of shower curtains.

how do you get mold out of clothingBedrooms are less likely to draw mold than these other spaces, but you or your kids might keep a humidifier in them. Vacuum thoroughly, take care of any dirty clothes or clothes lying about the room, and flip the mattresses. Dust and surface-clean. Repeat for any office space or living room.

winterproof home winter winterize chicagoLet’s take this outside!

Breathe in that cool breeze, and take pride in another winter conquered. We’re out here to inspect for any last traces of the past season. Make sure your gutters, concrete, windows, and any external appliances (like the AC unit) haven’t cracked or been damaged by the weather. Fill in any concrete or aging caulk.

What’s on your to-do list this spring?

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