How Do You Get Mold out of Clothing?

Maybe you suspect that your clothes are moldy. And maybe they really have grown some visible mold on them. So, how do you make them wearable again and get that smell out of all your clothing?

First things first: chances are that there’s mold elsewhere.

Unless your T-shirt has been hanging out alone in some very humid vacuum, it’s probably been surrounded by the stuff for a while. Other textiles and moisture-absorbing materials (like wood furniture or your porous walls) are probably the culprit. Wherever you found that clothing: go back to the source. Get a mold inspection. This is priority #1. Make sure your home is livable! And then you can get back to your wardrobe.

mold remediation

Now: cleaning your clothing.

Try to avoid breathing in the mold or handling it too much with your bare hands. Wash it in hot water with plenty of detergent. Don’t skimp. And if you can find it, mold-killing detergent can really help you out. We would also recommend at least a couple washing cycles with any washing-machine method. This should kill much or most of the bacteria and spores present. Dry according to regular instructions on the clothes.

Alternatively — and if the color and fabric allows — you can give bleach a try. Be careful! Prepare a bleach soak, not in your bathtub or sink because of toxins and contamination, with 1/2 cup bleach per gallon of (hot!) water. Then wash, as normal, after drying from this solution.

Preventing more moldy situations.

Keep an eye on your home’s humidity, and maintain it with dehumidification as needed. Call a professional if you ever spot any mold or even suspect the presence of something nasty. Learning about home maintenance and improvementwill save you headaches down the road. Prevention and proactivity are always easier than having to deal with a big mold problem!



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