How to Deal with Drywall Water Damage

Flooding can cause many serious problems, and we want to prevent as much structural damage as possible. Drywall water damage is a very common issue. Here’s what we do to stop it, and restore the drywall.

First, we need to “decontaminate” the area.

We need to prevent what’s called cross-contamination. Removing furniture, wall fixtures, and other property in the affected area — which will need to be dried and cleaned separately — will help inhibit mold growth and further damage. We have to clean and then¬†we can dry.

Remember that we need to take immediate action.

It can be scary when your home floods. This is why it’s important to call a professional team in to handle the situation as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. Drywall is very fragile when it’s wet! When we dry it with professional equipment and dehumidification processes, we are able to stabilize it again. There are so many kinds of drywall and wall coverings (like vinyl, a vapor barrier) that special procedures are often necessary. This is not restoration you should undertake alone!

So, what exactly are we doing here?

We want to promote airflow. This is crucial if the ceiling is wet, too. Ceilings left wet for too long can begin to sag and pull down whatever is above them, bringing bigger problems. We’re basically going to forcibly dry the walls and structure. Potential risks — if wet drywall is left unattended — include more than sagging ceilings. Walls can crumble, rot, bubble, require complete replacement, ruin electrical work, and contaminate other (previously unaffected) parts of the building.

We set up engineering controls to monitor the situation if mold is a potential risk, and we want to remediate the mold if it’s already present. If it’s very serious, we will have to remove the wall altogether. That’s one more thing you will need professional support to handle.

Drywall water damage can be stopped!

Professional remediation and restoration is necessary. Even if you’re unsure whether the drywall is an issue, always call someone in to inspect your property after flooding occurs. Maintenance and prevention can go a very long way, and you’ll prevent bigger headaches down the road.

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