What Is Delamination and Is It Reparable?

Basically, delamination is when the layers of your carpet separate from each other. If you ignore it or if the carpet has weathered serious water damage, you might just have to replace your flooring.

carpet drying delamination water damage

Carpet requires a lot of care and attention.

This isn’t a simple “fix-it-and-forget-it” choice for your home. In fact, carpets need more care than other types of flooring and interiors. While carpeting is popular in basements — it just feels cozy! — this is a risky placement. They come in so many fibers, styles, and fabrics these days, but their absorbency — regardless all those “smart” textiles available — is the real risk. Not only do they absorb your messes, but all the environmental humidity too. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial.

So what’s a little water damage going to do?

Just like your walls, ceilings, furniture, clothing, and any other property, flooding and water damage will also affect your carpeting. Textiles and fibers absorb water very quickly, and their “technology” — the layers of primary and secondary backing — underneath can be ruined just as quickly. Delamination is when those backings separate. Hardwood and concrete can bounce back much more easily. But too much humidity in the space or too much water — not to mention common additional possibilities like improper installation and thicker fabric choices — is cause for structural concern. Flooring is part of the “structure” of your home.

My carpet has delamination — can we repair it?

The good news is that minor delamination can usually be repaired! Carpet can lose as much as 90% of its “laminate strength” — the stuff that keeps it all together — when it gets wet, even if just for a short time. The drying and dehumidification process is very important after a flood or water damage, and can even save and restore that lost strength. You need a trusted professional for this work, as improper textile-handling can result in even greater laminate loss.

Major delamination, however, means you’ll need to replace the flooring. You must still practice correct drying methods to save the rest of the structure. That means everything beyond the carpet. Your restoration professional can provide recommendations for the carpet. They can suggest what will work best for your home, existing sub-floor, and other conditions. You want to prevent mold growth and further area damage, so you need to act quickly. Even minor carpet issues can turn major if you ignore them.

We want to make sure your home stays safe, clean, and comfortable. If you’re ever in doubt, give us a call. We’ve got your back.

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