Why You Should Buy a Dehumidifier

Many homeowners already have a humidifier — especially for dry winters and kids’ bedrooms. But why is it useful to own a dehumidifier too? Let’s talk.

When you increase moisture in your home, you open it up to potential mold growth.

It’s not always — and it usually isn’t — because of a humidifier; moisture can come inside in many ways. Basements with carpet, aging wall coverings, and older infrastructure can be a hotbed for mold spores. Is there a closet somewhere stuffed with old clothes? Those fabrics retain moisture and create a perfect breeding ground. Now, imagine if your home is flooded or you experience a leak. All those nooks and crannies add up. A dehumidifier can save the day! Though if the moisture or wetness is severe, please call a professional to make sure all your property is safe! (And that your house stays safe, too.)


Allergies are often made worse with moisture and mold.

In fact, many people are allergic to mold. Maybe you are, too! It’s very common. To create and keep a safe, healthy home, actively dehumidifying will help keep these issues at bay. Other allergies are triggered by dampness as well — dust mites, bugs, and other critters and bacteria come into play with greater moisture content around.

A dehumidifier will keep your whole home feeling fresh.

Everyone’s walked into a home or building that smells “stale.” The air is usually too humid! This can be especially frustrating if it’s your home. Furthermore, you know all those fruits and vegetables you keep on the counter? And the bread and rice in the pantry? They will expire sooner. Dry grains like rice and flour attract bugs when the climate is more humid. Bread grows mold. Your bananas go bad. Potatoes turn to mush.

Everyone and everything can be affected by the air, at the end of the day.

What are you doing to prevent mold? Are you considering purchasing a dehumidifier? Let us know how we can help!


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