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4 Ways to Prevent Foundation Issues

Prevent foundation issues with these easy tips. You may feel like the state of your home’s foundation is entirely dependent on environmental factors, but it’s not. There are several measures you can take to protect your foundation and retain your home’s structural integrity.

5 Steps to Take If Your Apartment Has Mold

A lot of customers call into ProCare Restoration asking what they, as renters, can do about their mold problem. This can be a tricky issue, depending on who your landlord is, where you’re located, and what your relationship with your building’s management is like. So we’re going to lay it out for you in a […]

What You Need to Know About Black Mold

A lot of people call into ProCare restoration very concerned about black mold. Some read about it online and get themselves good and scared before finally contacting us. But how can you distinguish the facts from the fear mongering? Well we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about black mold.

Is There Mold Growing in Your Attic?

At ProCare Restoration we’ve had many customers who had no idea that mold was growing in their attic. That is, they had no idea until it had infiltrated so many areas of the home that it was making them sick.

5 Signs That You Need an Air Test

You may have heard about air tests from mold remediation companies or online and wondered if an air test is the right option for you. With all the misinformation and confusion out there, we at ProCare Restoration would like to lay out the facts for you in a straightforward way. First, we’ll explain what an air […]

Why Hire A Professional To Install Your Floors

When you’re doing any kind of home improvement project, it can be tempting to join the DIY craze. And if that’s your thing, then more power to you! But choosing to install your floors can be tricky business, and unless you’re a certified professional, it’s incredibly easy to mess it up. So here are a few […]