All of Our Products Are EPA Registered and We Are OSHA Compliant; Find Out What That Means Here

When you use any of our services here at ProCare Restoration, you know that you’re going with a solid restoration company. Whether you’re using our services for Chicago fire restoration, flood restoration, foundation repair, hardwood installation, mold removal and remediation, sewage backup repair, or water damage repair, you can breathe easy knowing that none of our products will harm your family or our workers.

Here at ProCare Restoration, all of our products are EPA registered. Let’s explore this.

The environmental protection agency only registers products that will not pose any serious harm, both to humans and to the environment around us. Because all of the products that we use at ProCare Restoration are EPA registered, you can relax, and know that your restoration services aren’t doing any harm.

At ProCare Restoration, we’re aware of the current situation our planet is in as far as climate change goes. We make it one of our number one goals not to worsen this problem. We stop ourselves from buying the cheaper products that can hurt the environment, and splurge for the more expensive products that are far more environmentally friendly.

We hope to lead by example, and are trying to set the standard for restoration companies all around the Chicago area.

In addition, we are also OSHA compliant. OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Because we are a small, family-owned company, we know that many of our experienced technicians have families of their own. Here at ProCare Restoration, we care deeply about each and every one of our employees. We analyze every restoration we perform to make sure that our employees aren’t putting their health at risk for our company.

When you’re choosing a company for your restoration, we hope you’ll consider things like worker safety, whether the products will harm your family, and whether the products will harm the environment. You can feel good about choosing ProCare Restoration for any restoration or remediation, because we care about far more than just making a profit.



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