This Holiday Season, Keep an Eye out for These Recent Product Recalls Due to Mold

While gifts aren’t the most important part of the holiday season, they’re certainly a fairly significant part of it. Within the last couple months, there have been quite a few recalls of products due to mold colonization. With the holidays upon us, we want to make sure you’re not buying any gifts that could make your loved ones sick. The following products have been recalled due to mold infestation:

Spot’s Stew Wholesome Turkey Recipe Sensitive Formula for Cats ProCare Restoration

This product needs to be returned if:

  • It is a 3 pound or a 6 pound bag of food, and the package contains UPC numbers that are 745158350231 or 745158340232. The company also warns that the cat food may also be infected if the “Best By:” date is 09/04/2016.

Spot’s Stew Formula for Cats issued a voluntary recall of their product due to mold colonization on October 26th. If you have an infected bag of this cat food, it can easily be returned at the retailer you purchased it from for a full refund. The company warns that if your cat is having digestive problems after eating this food, take them to the vet as soon as possible. While it’s likely not life-threatening, an imminent checkup is needed.

Ear Force XO Xbox Gaming Headsets ProCare Restoration

This product needs to be returned if:

  • The headphones do not have a green dot under the microphone’s windscreen, and the thirteen character serial number is between C-16 and C-25.

These are extremely popular headsets for the Xbox One gaming system, and now the company is saying that some pairs of these headphones may be colonized by mold. If you’ve purchased these for a loved one and need to exchange them for an uninfected pair, go to www.turtlebeach.com and they’ll help you out for free. The recall was posted on October 21st.

PetsSmart’s Nutro Apple Chewy Treats

This product needs to be returned if: ProCare Restoration

  • The bottom of the package has any of the following codes on it: ““4 50,” “5 02,” “5 03,” or “5 05.”

These treats can only be bought at PetSmart, and can be returned for a full refund. The treats were found to likely have a mold colonization. This recall was posted extremely recently, on December 16th. If you have an affected package of treats, make sure you aren’t feeding them to your pets. It could make them extremely sick.

GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce Pouches 

This product needs to be returned if:ProCare Restoration

  • The packaging has a “Best Before Date” that is between June 30th, 2016 and July 26th, 2016.

This is an extremely common snack for kids, and it was recalled due to mold colonization on October 15th. However, if your child has already eaten some of the affected applesauce, don’t worry. The mold was found to be harmless when ingested. The CEO spoke in greater detail about why the recall was issued: “We know mold is gross and unpleasant to look at or taste, and this is simply not the kind of experience we want you to have. As a consequence, we took every step to fully understand and fix the problem,” he said.

This holiday season, make sure you’re giving any gifts but the ones that we’ve previously mentioned. You want your loved ones to be safe, and safe means that mold needs to stay far, far away from them.

The same goes for mold in your home. Household mold is extremely dangerous, and can become a huge issue the longer you let it go on. You need to remove the mold in your home as soon as possible. Remember, we still have a lot of appointments available for the new year! We are available for free Illinois mold inspections, as well as a complete mold remediation. We know you’ll be satisfied. Book now and get your Illinois mold problem taken care of completely.


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