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What’s Your Damage: The Different Types of Water Damage

When flooding hits your home or other accidents occur, you need a professional. Water damage is the primary risk. But mold becomes a greater possibility too — if the space is not properly dehumidified and ventilated. If you’re careful, you can avoid that potentially expensive risk. First, we will judge the situation based on the […]

5 Facts About Floods to Stay Safe and Live Smarter

What kinds of floods exist? Why do they happen, and where? Here’s a quick primer on what you need to know and what to keep an eye on.

Flood-Stricken Southern Illinois School Reopens

Shawnee High School, a public school in southern Illinois, has finally reopened after a weeklong closure due to flooding. They weren’t the only area to be affected by this historic winter flooding, though.

How to Prevent Flood Damage in 2016

Learning how to prevent flood damage is a must for every home and building owner, particularly if your building is located in high-risk area, like Des Plaines or Riverside. But what can you do as a building owner in 2016?

What Happens When You Don’t Treat Flood Damage

Between the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, on top of the torrential rain we’ve been experiencing lately, Chicago has been a flooding hotspot in recent months. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a long time or even much water at all for flooding to damage your home, and if you don’t treat flood damage you can run […]

Heightened Allergies Around the Holiday Season? Your Christmas Tree May Be the Culprit

Here at ProCare Restoration, we know that the holidays are an incredibly special time for those who celebrate. Whether you’ve been lighting the menorah, setting up the Christmas tree, or you’ve been celebrating in any other way, you know that this time of year is a very special one. Families are brought together, and happiness […]

Top 10 Things To Do After Your Home is Flooded

Knowing the things to do after a flood is crucial. If the right actions are taken, the overall damage to your home can be greatly lessened. Whether your water damage is from sewage back-up, leakage, or a full-on flood, follow these ten simple steps to make sure your home doesn’t have more damage than it needs to.

Illinois Flood Alerts Along the Illinois, Des Plaines, and Little Wabash Rivers

There are flood alerts this week along parts of the Illinois, Des Plaines, and Little Wabash rivers. Remember: Flooded roadways are never okay to drive across. Instead, turn around and find a new route. Currents over flooded roadways are often much faster than they appear. In addition, water is often much deeper than it appears, […]

Purchasing Property? Learn How to Assess the Flood Risk of Any Home or Business

When purchasing property for your new home or business in Illinois, it is important to know whether or not the property is likely to have issues with flooding. Complicated FEMA flood maps used to be the go-to to assess the risk of a property. However, reading them takes some practice.