Summer Flooding Do’s and Don’ts

Chicago weather is notoriously tricky to predict, but one thing Chicagoland residents can be sure of is occasional summer flooding. Water damage in Chicago doesn’t have to be difficult to navigate, though. To help you out, we at ProCare Restoration came up with this list of summer flooding do’s and don’ts. So if you experience summer flooding or water damage in your home this summer, be sure to follow these rules.


  • Turn off the circuit breaker to prevent electrical shock
  • Move items away from flooded area to avoid damage and potential mold growth
  • Move large furniture and draperies out of the flooded area
  • Remove as much water as possible, as quickly as possible
  • Use fans and open doors/ windows to help dry the area
  • Call a professional to remove floodwater
  • Get a professional mold inspection and/or air quality test after the water has been removed


  • Use any type of electricity or electrical equipment
  • Use air conditioning or heating systems that have been affected by summer flooding
  • Leave wet fabrics bunched up in the flooded area since they can grow mold or mildew
  • Walk on or in areas where summer flooding has occurred, as this can spread damage
  • Try to take care of the floodwater on your own, you can make it worse and potentially cause a mold infestation

Long story short, if you experience summer flooding call ProCare Restoration. Our IICRC certified technicians can fix water damage quickly, as well as perform mold tests and mold inspections in order to prevent future mold growth in your home. This is imperative, since water damage nearly always leads to mold growth. So don’t let flooding ruin your summer fun–call ProCare Restoration today!

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